Today, effective video production is all about delivering measurable business results. 

Incenters Media will focus on the right message, the right concept and the most appropriate style all decided beforehand in the form of a final storyboard that your audience will understand.

A business video is better when it is shorter.

A video should only be as long as you need to make your point and not a second longer. Mobile is beginning to overtake desktop as the primary venue for watching online videos. Incenters Media keeps visuals simple: Your goal is to be understandable and complicated visuals may work against you. Everything that appears on the screen should be there for a reason. Incenters Media will use text with moderation.

Unlike a conversation, you have only one chance to deliver your points to the viewer in a video. Too many on-screen words and your message will be lost. The beauty of video is the combination of visuals and voice.

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