Our company was built based on three simple philosophies: vision, creation, and diffusion. One cannot exist without the other. Incenters Media not only acts as your personal video producer from start to finish, but also diffuses your creation via the Incenters Platform, connecting you to +40 million companies around the world.


Your dedicated communications team helping you engage your audience through regular content.


Easily start your video brief and get in touch with a dedicated creator for your project.


Broaden your reach and target a new segment of viewers via the Incenters platform.


Video. Everyone is talking about it, but where do you start ? Incenters Media allows you to start a project quickly and easily. Choose from a variety of categories, set up your brief, and get in touch with one of our creators, anywhere in the world. Sound too good to be true? Try it today!

I am looking for a…


Starting from € 490


Hire a professional drone pilot anywhere in the world and capture stunning arial images. All drone images are 1080p HD or higher.

Voice Over

Starting from € 120


Hire a professional voice over to amplify your message in your video. Incenters Media offers you a range of 20 different languages to choose from.

Talking Head

Starting from € 390


Hire a professional actor to present your company, a product, or just a message you choose to convey. Prices vary depending on length of script.

Video Editing

Starting from € 290


Already have images available ? Hire a professional video editor to transform your image into a stunning video. Prices vary on length of video.

Live Action

Starting from € 990


Hire a professional cameraman to capture a story you are trying to tell. The price varies on length of video and other add ons.

Logo Animation

Starting from € 90


First impressions are important, that’s why you spent a lot of time on having the perfect logo. Add some animation to it to make it stand out.

Motion Graphics

Starting from € 190


With just a few images and text, motion graphics templates can create a stunning visual sure to capture the attention of your audience.

Kinetic Typography

Starting from € 150


Kinetic typography adds smooth motion effects to any message you are trying to convey. 43% are more likely to watch than an article.


Starting from € 60


85% of videos on Facebook are watched without audio. Add subtitles to make sure your message gets across correctly in any language.

Whiteboard Template

Starting from € 590


Whiteboard animations are perfect ways to explain a complicated idea in simplistic ways. Templates are perfect for tight budgets.

2D Animation

Starting from € 990


Custom 2D animations add a splash of color to your video. This is not only a video, it is a work of art. Pricing varies on length of video.

Whiteboard Hand Drawn

Starting from € 1390


Create anything you want with a hand drawn whiteboard animation. Take your story telling to another level that even Pixar would applaud.

We work with the best


Whiteboard Animation – dscvr.it

CSP France & la Chèvre d’Or

WTC Sophia Antipolis

Drone – La Ferme Napoleon