The Power of Video: Turning Prospects into Clients

The Power of Video: Turning Prospects into Clients

I was recently in a kickoff meeting to discuss digital marketing strategy with a new manufacturing client where the topic of videos came up. The client shared how video was one of the key activities to closing a sale. Almost every time they sent a prospect a video of their machine interacting with the prospect’s own parts, they were able to close a deal. My colleague across the table immediately asked, “Why are those videos not on your website? You mean to tell me you have a whole library of valuable videos you’re not leveraging in your digital marketing strategies?”

The custom videos this particular manufacturing client was producing for each of their prospects offered a unique advantage over all their other forms of content — both digital and traditional. The videos showed their prospects how they could add value to their business instead of just telling them. In other words, the videos actively, instead of passively, engaged the prospect. Many studies have shown that people better remember information if they are actively engaged, and custom videos can do just that — actively engage your website visitors.

Additionally, the custom videos this client was producing helped them to establish personal connections with each prospect. You can use videos on your site in much the same way. Sharing your message through video, instead of just web copy, can help to establish trust and credibility early on in the sales process before you even meet or speak with prospects. In addition to sharing videos of your products, you could share videos of your engineers providing tips and tricks, or take your prospects on a tour of your manufacturing facilities.

Increased engagement and personal connections through video have proven to dramatically increase the time a user spends on a website. Increased time on site translates into more time exposed to your manufacturing company’s various value propositions and calls to action. It’s important to remember, however, that you have to get the prospects to your site before your powerful videos can take effect. Well, good news: the power of videos is twofold. Not only can videos increase user engagement and personal connection with prospects, but also, they can help to improve your search engine rankings.

The most recent algorithms for search engine rankings have been favoring sites that consistently publish new, valuable content. Content isn’t limited to fresh website copy — it can include blog posts, whitepapers and even video. Knowing that consistently adding fresh content is vital to maintaining and improving your rankings, why not go the extra mile and create custom video? Not only do videos show up as links alongside your competitors in the search results, but also they can be embedded, meaning you have the opportunity to have your actual video presented to the user as a result of their web search. Finally, there are many opportunities to multiply your search engine rankings and maximize your video’s SEO benefit, including using targeted keywords in the video title, tags and description, and publishing your video in multiple locations, such as YouTube and social media networks.

A recent survey of B2B marketers revealed that 73% believe video has helped to increase return on their marketing efforts. The mini manufacturing case study presented above demonstrated how video can help your company create personal connections with prospects, actively engage them on your website, and ultimately close deals. So, why not give it a try yourself? An investment into incredibly valuable content like video could help your business turn more prospects into customers.

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