Create Your Video

Create your video here

Incenters Media has built an innovative story creation platform in order for you to be the director of your own movie. By clicking on “Create Your Story” you will enter a quick step by step process where you can provide us with company information, similar templates of your choice, music of your choice, and add-ons.

Let Video do the Talking

Incenters Media provides you with an interactive platform to build your very own coporate video. We provide a low cost solution for your company in order for you to join the world of video marketing easily.

Incenters Media provides you with a variety of virtual speakers to present your product quickly and efficiently. You can select from either female or male, from languages such as English, French, Chinese, and Dutch, and you can tell them what to say.

From our interactive platform, you can also choose a variety of add-ons for an extra cost. From drone footage, to subtitles, to even 4K quality images, you can personalize the way you want your video to look.