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Become a Studio Alliance Franchise

The State-of-the-art Video Productions Business Opportunity

Studio Alliance is about to release a number of franchise opportunities in the EU and Internationally to photographers and video producers or marketing professionals who want to start their own business.

Studio Alliance has developed a complete Virtual Video Production Business “in a box” that will enable you to exploit this exciting opportunity.

Our license includes full training and use of the Studio Alliance brand, including website, products, examples, client testimonials and live referrals.

The Perfect Video Marketing Opportunity

The Studio Alliance franchise is aimed at photographers, video producers and marketing professionals who want to start or enhance their own business with a product that has high growth potential.

The Franchise

Purchasing a Studio Alliance Franchise allows you to have your own territory and the full support of our organization to get your business going.

The Franchise includes

  1. The use of the Studio Alliance brand
  2. The Studio Alliance website linked to your business
  3. Full use of the back office software for video marketing
  4. Use of our video and music bank partners content
  5. Use of all examples (additional to the website)
  6. Client testimonials
  7. Access to our Create specialists

Training includes

  1. Each Franchisee will undergo full training covering:
  2. The potential market
  3. All aspects of the video marketing platform
  4. Creating video mails and video promos
  5. Customer experiences and examples
  6. The Studio Alliance 24/7 Support services and meet the team services
  7. How to grow your business quickly and generate € 60.000 in the first year
  8. Regular update training sessions

Ongoing Development

Two years in the making, this video marketing solution has been developed by Studio Alliance leading video innovators and Nova Technologies state-of-the-art video tools. Nova Technologies has been instrumental in developing some of the most innovative products used in the video industry. The development is constantly being upgraded with new features and template designs. All Franchisees will automatically receive all product updates and invitations to new product seminars.

A Unique Business Opportunity

This is a unique opportunity for you to capitalize on the online video revolution and to get direct access to the core team of experts who will give you guidance and support on growing your business and exploiting the video marketing opportunity.

Grow Your Business fast.

  1. Studio Alliance has produced a range of marketing tools to help you grow your business fast:
  2. Each partner will have its own website with direct contact links.
  3. Leads to the Studio Alliance website or the results of marketing activities from your location will be sent directly to you
  4. You will be able to join our Business Privileged Network with strategic partners around the globe
  5. You will have access to our Linkedin and Facebook pages to post messages.
  6. Full access to all the Studio Alliance examples.
  7. You will have access to Studio Alliance specialists to pre-advise on your major projects.
  8. You will have access to many Studio Alliance studies and video examples for instant credibility
  9. Studio Alliance products provide you with a solution to fit any budget
  10. No other company has a comparable video solution
  11. You will have back up of our specialist team to assist with design, video production or programming
  12. We provide you with all your business brand artwork and web presence

Produce Quality Videos Easy

  1. Use our Studio Alliance technology to produce stunning video marketing solutions in minutes
  2. Unique client links to video promo creator tools
  3. Studio Alliance design team services are available to build client designs
  4. Studio Alliance developers are available to develop client solutions
  5. We look forward to hearing from you!