Journey by Incenters Media

“Its not the destination, it’s the journey.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Journey: Your Content Creation Campaign

Journey is the DNA upon which Incenters Media was built. It is the very mechanism in which our creators do not actually work for a living, but tell stories for a living. Journey has completely changed the fundamental intuition towards digital strategy for start-ups.

Journey Pricing

A dedicated Incenters Media’s creator will be by your side during your exciting journey of taking your business to the next level.


  • 250/ MONTH
    • Logo Animation
    • 1 video: Kinetic Typography or Motion Graphics (30-45 seconds)
    • Statistic Report


  • 500/ MONTH
    • Logo Animation
    • 1 video: Kinetic Typography or Motion Graphic Template (30-45 secs)
    • 1 design (brochure / flyer)
    • Community Manager


  • 1.350/ MONTH
    • Logo Animation
    • 1 video: Kinetic Typography or Motion Graphic template (30-45 secs)
    • 1 video: Custom Production / Live action (with cameraman) or Animation Video (by animator)
    • 1 design (brochure / flyer)
    • Community Manager

Why Journey ?

Journey can significantly save you time.

When you build a start-up, you simply need help. It is impossible to handle sales, legal, accounting, and marketing all by yourself. Incenters Media makes it easy for you to think about your business, while we handle communication.


You can cancel anytime.

Of course we would like to go on a long term journey together, but for whatever reason you wish to cancel, you can. No questions asked.


Journey has been proven to work.

Our clients have benefited from 15-20% increase in revenues, brand exposure, and overall improvements of their business.

You don’t need to hire a design/communication manager for your company.

Hiring a new employee costs time, money, and can be often times stressful in hopes of hiring the right one for the job. With Journey, you don’t need to spend thousands in extra company costs of having an employee.


We are an international group of creators.

Our group of creators speak a multitude of different languages from English, French, Chinese, Dutch, and much more. Communication is our thing.


Receive a free gift just for showing interest in Journey.

We are so sure that Journey is right for your business that we will give you a free gift just if you show interest in Journey. Contact us today !